OSG's News Channels

Micro-Blog: OSG on Mastodon

Our main fediverse account is a Mastodon account that currently lives on chaos.social. You always get Open Source Gardens' latest & shortest news and activities if you follow @opensourcegardens.

Macro-Blog: OSG's handwritten notes

Our handwritten notes are a selection of stories and/or more detailed background on activities, publications or events from the Open Source Gardens. You can read them online or subscribe to its RSS Feed.

News- and Newsletter: OSG Bouquet

You like to have the biggest milestones in your inbox? Then you can subscribe to our news list. However, be aware that only very rare, hand-selected and super important news regarding Open Source Gardens will be spread over the list.

In addition, we use the list to send out our Newsletter that is called "bouquet" and is published irregularly. Usually, we try to collect enough news before sending them out as a letter, which is currently around twice a year. You can also read our bouquet online.

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