Connecting Gardens

In our spring activity #ConnectingGardens we want to help you start growing Open Source Gardens and connect you via gardens and beyond borders. If you like to participate, we send you one of our "starter kits" including multiple varieties of Open Source Seeds.

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About the starter-kits

In every starter kit you will find multiple seeds each of Open Source Tomatoes Vivaroma, Sunviva, and Open Source Chili Black Heart. We also include some brand new varieties, one called Märchenglanz and the other two so new that they will only become Open Source licensed later this year: "Märchengranat" and "Märchensnack".

Be aware that the latter varieties (all "Märchen...") are so brandnew, that this season there are just very few seeds available and unfortunately we can only send you a sample each. On the other hand, that means you can pioneer new Open Source varieties and we encourage you to save and share some seeds at the end of the season to help other people grow these varieties next year and get them spread.

We send you these seeds for a small donation, and basically all we like you to do in return is to actually grow these seeds, enjoy your gardening season and your harvest — and to please not leave them unattended somewhere in your shelf and forget about it ...

Of course, you do not need to grow all of them or all by yourself. Open Source Seeds are free to share with everyone. And it can be even more fun to share them with your friends and to grow them together or simultaneously. That is why we put an extra amount of seeds from Vivaroma, Sunviva and Black Heart this time, so you can share them with your peepz.

Connecting online

Once you received a starter kit, we kindly ask you to connect with us online: Tell us about your garden! Take pictures of your plants and share them with us! Tell us where you grew these plants or why not. Share your tips and tricks related to open source gardening, about your automated watering systems, about seed saving or some yummy receipts you have been cooking ... ^^

Share your ideas and creativity and follow others who do similar. We like to grow our community and connect us and our know-how via Open Source Gardens. Of course, in the end it should be all about the fun. So, please do it the way you prefer and to the extent you enjoy it 🌻

If you use social media, we love to see you directly sharing your thoughts, pictures, and experiences you make with our starter kit and your Open Source Garden. Simply choose your preferred channel for this but make sure to use the hashtags #OpenSourceGardens, #OpenSourceSeeds and for this activity in particular #ConnectingGardens so our community can find each others posts easily and grow the community.

Sharing with the community

At OSG itself we are currently running an official account on Mastodon. If you ping this accounts with a mention, we will share your toots with the community. Also we have a public Matrix room where we chat and share pictures. Or simply send them to us via email (PGP Key) so we can share them with the Internet.

If you miss Open Source Gardens in your favorite (social media) channel, do not hesitate to create a channel or a stream on your own to share your content and connect with others by using the common hashtags.

Gardens connect - #ConnectingGardens

We like to create the #IoG, the "Internet of Gardens" and connect us and our gardens online. In a first step we will offer you to show your garden on a custom OpenStreetMap instance. This way we see and show how many gardens we are and how far we are spread while also growing together. More about this soon here.

Order Your Personal Starter Kit

Thank you very much for your interest in growing Open Source Gardens and participating in our spring activity #ConnectingGardens You are just one click away.

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Thank you very much we will message you back with the details and we are looking forward to seeing grow your open source garden!

Spread the word

Even if you do not like or can participate in our #ConnectingGardens activity, you can help us to spread the word about Open Source Gardens. You can now download a general Open Source Gardens leaflet as well as a special leaflet for the Connecting Gardens activity. Print them out and put them in a place of interest or where you like people to see it, for example in your worksplace, a community garden, a shop, a hackerspace ... you know best by yourself where to put it : )

About updates

We have a lot of ideas about growing further and offer more ways of connecting people and gardens in the future. Especially in the creation of the Internet of Gardens (IoG) more features are already planned. You can expect updates on the map mentioned above but we are also working on possibilities for you to create your own open source digital garden ... stay tuned and keep up to date, by subscribing to our news list.

"Openness sown - freedom grown!"